Team Structure

Since 1987, the structure of TLG has been refined through experience and adaptation to an evolving security landscape. The team’s design reflects our commitment to client needs and Team Member support.


It’s rare to find owners or executives that are committed to personal accessibility by the people that matter most to the business: clients and employees. Ian McDonnell (Founder/CEO) and Johnny Lambert (COO) are dedicated leaders that take the time to build relationships. They are always available to convene with clients or Team Members.

Security Specialists

Accredited experts in their field, our Security Specialists use vigilant and trained eyes to identify, assess, and manage security threats to your organization. Masterfully designed Secure Environment Programs can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your facility.

Site Supervisors

Site Supervisors for security, valet, or shuttle locations are trained to monitor daily operations and effectively communicate the activities to the team. Many site supervisors once worked as security officers. Their exceptional abilities and merits secured their seat in the TLG Leadership Workshop where they learned more about reducing risk, fostering communication, and managing multiple priorities.

Account Managers

The highly analytical abilities of our Account Managers ensure professional service execution in even the most complex deployment situations. Account Managers maintain security schedules, account equipment and documentation, as well as open relationships with the representatives of your organization.

Security Officers and Valet Attendants

The backbone of our organization is comprised of hundreds of committed, knowledgeable, and friendly TLG Team Members. Each is proud to offer his/her best performance as a watchful security officer, a helpful valet attendant, or a safe shuttle bus driver.

Office Support Members

Behind the scenes, TLG is supported by richly talented professionals in the fields of human resources, finance, and client relationship management. They are committed to providing a satisfying experience and a lasting relationship for every client and Team Member.

Transition Teams

New clients are always welcomed by a TLG Transition Team, assigned and led by one or both company owners. Whether you are switching service providers or are newly implementing security/valet/shuttle, we offer a seamless transition delivered by an Executive, a Specialist, an Account Manager, and a Site Supervisor.


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9:00am – 6:00pm

TLG Security Guard in Uniform on Site


At TLG, we promise to stand by each of our commitments with the utmost integrity. Partner with us to experience security in a new way.